Sunday, April 28, 2013

Show day Success

I had a great show on Saturday. I was pleased with Sam's demeanor, as I got the 'horse from home' at the show with me by the second round. Nice, wonderful, rhythmic canter. Three over fences and two flat classes.

My third round was great, I liked the bit more complicated course then just doing lose figure 8s. There's a video below. You can hear my trainer saying 'get taller, taller' halfway through and 'woah' shortly after that as Sam got a little (and I mean tiny comparatively) quick in that corner. I messed up the bending line to the last jump and we left extra long. Watching the video over and over, it looks like I rode it just fine, but there seems to be extra pogo-sticking afterwards (wrong lead), popping me up (probably because I didn't have heels down) and then Sam tried to take advantage a few strides in to pull down, which pitched me further still and lost my left stirrup. But words from my trainer standing right there helped remind me that I don't want to just bail and I sat up like we've been practicing and saved it. After I came out I said to my friend that I maybe I got bonus points for working it out at the end.
The long depart - not an oxer
--Video of our third round--

Didn't know where we were placing, or that they were dividing the adults from kids until after my first flat class when we were announced the winners. :D Took second in the last flat, and that was ok because I was really losing my right leg by then because I was really tired and I don't think at that point I was doing a good job to hide it. :)  Sam did great keeping his cool and not being all tired and pull-y. So I was happy.

After the flats, the jump placements were immediately announced. I was announced adult division champion and subsequently called to receive first in all three jump classes which included not only a ribbon, but little trophies too. And pleasing of all, I got my first 'silver plate' engraved with the show information on it for being division champ. WOOHOO!

Trilogy Farms Schooling Show Apr 2013

1st Green Rider Adult Hunter O/F 18"
1st Green Rider Adult Hunter O/F 18"
1st Green Rider Adult Equitation O/F 18"
1st Green Rider Adult Hunter U/S
2nd Green Rider Adult Equitation Flat
Champion, Green Rider Adult Division

After we were done...
My first silver plate!