Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inching forward

Over the last two days I've been gathering information to attend a little hunter schooling show that just posted about 20 miles from my barn. It's on Sunday.

I exchanged emails with my trainer and I seduced a fellow rider to enter the show too. I also set up our transportation since I'm currently trailerless. And I contacted the show organizer to field a few more questions. It was so empowering!

The best part is, I've convinced my trainer to allow me to enter the 2' division since it lists as crossrails to verticals. Less scary that way. And I pointed out to her that in Nov I showed 18-23" courses, crossrails to verticals/gates. It's just 1" higher. Plus I've been doing fabulously in my last few lessons. YAY!

I'm going to cross enter the 18" division for two reasons. A little more seat time to establish what kind of horse I'll have that day, perfect sam or pulling sam. And if I chicken out of the 2' then I'll have already done the 18" and won't walk away having done nothing. It will be 6 classes total between the two divisions which is good amount, not too much as long as we don't get a flat-class nazi to wear us out.
Jumping 23" at the November show

I'll be cantering the 18' unless Sam pulls, in which case we'll be working on use his hind end and listening, trotting in, cantering out. Here's the classes:

  1. Trot a Course – Flat
  2. Trot a Course – 18’
  3. Trot a Course – 18’
  1. Green Rider 2’
  2. Green Rider 2’
  3. Green Rider Flat 

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