Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Reserve

Yesterday I went to another small schooling show. The very best part was that I was able to load Sam each time ALL BY MYSELF! If I hadn't mentioned it before, it was an very annoying game that only he liked to play which included ripping the rope out of my hands after backing immediately off and finding the nearest grass. But we've finally got it sorted out with the help of our friend the stud chain and probably 3 weeks in a row of shows. :D

The show was fine. I learned that I look down more when I'm in a small indoor and that doesn't help when we have some serious U turns in the course. But I was able to manage the issues and was pleased about how quick all my recoveries were. 

We didn't place as well as I wanted, but we did get Reserve Champion.

Reserve ribbon not pictured - 1st was for Hunter U/S, which highlights Sam, who of course is a winner.

I also learned how to properly wrap no bows and standing wraps. Prior to this I was using Equifit's wraps with the velcro and I decided to switch to the old standard. Plus I figured I should learn how to do this anyway.

Pictured after he had a lovely nap in them. They started out clean.

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