Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In the beginning there was no balance

Still looking back, I've come a long long way. Here's how I started jumping:

In this video, I'd had Sam for about 3 weeks and this was my 3rd time jumping with him... which was also my 3rd time jumping ever, if you don't count the 8 week camp in 5th grade. Up to this point other then some random riding scattered about in the previous 8 years, I'd had almost 2 solid years of 3x/wk riding up to this point, all dressage and on a previous horse.

I have to laugh at my stirrups in the first ten seconds, hehe. Then I play it again and watch how high I post. Hehe. And then my dressage-y canter halfway through. And my kid videoing and cheering me on. What a fun journey so far.

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