Friday, April 12, 2013


I'm a pretty visual person, but I have a hard time translating what it feels like when I'm riding in comparison to the picture we make together. For example, when we ride a round at a show, I'll think we had awful distances and look out of control. But, I'll watch the video and we look totally calm and purposeful. Which just tells me that I need more video so I can visualize what I see in the video while I'm riding what feels like a train wreck.

Here's a video from a few weeks back of Sam and I cantering right a few laps. Looking pretty good. :)

In Tuesday's lesson this week, we worked on getting the correct leads off the jumps, or asking for them if I didn't get them. For probably the first time, I was able to get the right lead change when I asked for it! We got the hind end first and several strides later got the front. Normally, I don't get anything except hippity-hopping and speeding up.

So Wednesday, we did flatwork by ourselves and I worked on nice big figure 8s, working on keeping the lead we had until *I* asked for the change. Each time I asked for the right lead, he IMMEDIATELY gave me the hind but each time I couldn't get the front even several strides out and we had to trot the change. That's totally ok! We'll get it next week when my trainer can coach me from the ground.

It was exciting because I seemed to have finally found the right lead flying change button on Sam which is WAAAY back, much further then his left change. Although thinking about it now, I pretty much don't have to do anything for the left because he has an auto change on that side. When I purposefully ask for the left (when I make him stay right until I ask), he totally already knows (since he's auto on that side) so just moving my leg positions is enough of an ask. But the right change isn't and requires so much more then I was giving before! LIGHT-BULB!

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