Monday, June 10, 2013

See you in July!

I leave for my trip tomorrow. I was excited until last week when I found out my contract at work would expire in July. I meet with two different people today and the outlook is sounding positive.

I had a great time at the barn today. Amy was there and we jumped together. Then we ventured in the back 7 acre woods and on through the gate to the back 10 acres which is a squared path around an organic farm. The farm part was a first for us both and the horses were very good. We'll be repeating that more this summer.

Apparently I was having too good a day because this evening I found out that the French air traffic controllers were going on strike for 3 days starting tomorrow. I fly into Paris on Thurs AM. AHHHHHHH!!!! I don't know quite what this means. Some airlines have already cancelled hundreds of flights. Some say they are canceling all but international flights. I don't know what the airline I'm flying is doing because they haven't publicly announced anything yet. Just great. Kinda wondering if I'm getting the hints that I shouldn't go on this trip. :/

Haven't packed a lick yet. I'm the world's most procrastinating packer. I have done laundry, bought snacks, and have all the animal stuff taken care of. So in theory, it should be a fairly quick and painless process.

I did hug my pony around his neck before I left today. :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A bit blue

Quick show this morning. Great jump rides, sad about the flat placings, but considering I was spent after my last jump ride, I guess I wasn't at my best. Had a long warmup this morning as it felt great, but guess I used nearly all the gas in my tank. Both my legs were asleep when I got off after my last class. But Sam was great today, listening very well - not something I always get at a show.
  1. Un-Judged Schooling Hunter 18”
  2. 2nd Green Rider Hunter O/F 18”
  3. 1st Green Rider Hunter O/F 18”
  4. 2nd Green Rider Equitation O/F 18”
  5. 6th Green Rider Hunter U/S
  6. 5th Green Rider Equitation Flat
Ribbons to 5th, so it was my first show without a ribbon. And another show in a row with only one blue. But at least the blue was in my VERY best ride to-date hands down. It felt great and a well deserved win. Here's that ride:

Friday, June 7, 2013


To pay for all our family's fun stuff, I work. Of course, this includes my horse obsession hobby. I've had a continuous contract with the same company for nearly 9 years. I've moved positions twice, once was my decision and most recently in Nov, it was a re-org into a new group and a quazi-new position that no one asked me if I wanted.

Going to Paris, London & Orlando
I was notified earlier this week that my contract at work will not be renewed at the end of July due to another re-org and what I do will be contracted from the company's central resource instead of a dedicated resource (me) within my group. To make this worse, I'm leaving for Europe on Tuesday for a three week vacation with my family.

We never take vacations aside from travel related to kids sports or family visit obligations. In fact, this trip is partly a working trip for the husband so his costs are covered. But the rest of us (3) have non-refundable tickets and lodging. So we have decided to go anyway. I was already planing on working part-time on the trip as I am paid hourly, so no work=no $. Yay.

I have a meeting with that dedicated resource group on Monday because it's possible they want to hire me since I do the same kind of work. It's probably for less $, less hours, and more instability - so I'm not really excited.

I am looking at full employment status at the company in other related positions, but being in Europe in a very critical time will not be helpful, but not impossible. One of the caveats is that I need to keep my remote work status because the company I work for is based in San Jose, CA and I live in WA state - so the position has to accommodate that like it does now.

The good news for us is that we can pay all our necessity bills on the husband's salary. Also, I live on 5 acres. Four is horse fenced and I have a lean-to. So worse case, I bring my horse home and he hangs out here doing absolutely nothing. I'm trailerless (another sob story) and don't have any kind of appropriate footing to ride at home. But it's pretty much free to keep him here.

I have thought about how I can keep him at a barn.

  1. Stop my lessons of course (already done)
  2. Half-lease (makes my stomach churn) 
  3. Move to a cheaper barn with lesser facilities
  4. Both 2 & 3
A view of my barn from the pastures

Moving will obviously lose our stall and my awesomely appointed tack locker I've arranged myself. I would be so super picky about leasing, so I'm not sure I can actually approve anyone. I'd want someone exactly like me (well skinner would be totally fine) who will do all the same things for Sam like when to hose him down, etc as well as take care of my tack like it was made of gold. I'd want them to use my tack - or at least saddle, pads, jump boots, etc because those are items specifically selected/fitted for Sam and his comfort.

Three of the four
There's not an option to work it off at my barn as they have hired help that takes care of everything and have been working there for years.

Tomorrow I will be going to the show that is already paid for. Hopefully it will not be a last hurrah.

PS. Don't come rob me while I'm gone. That would make me more depressed. Plus, I have someone staying at the house to watch my four dogs - who are usually outside and will bite. Just saying.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Sam!

Two years ago today I brought home the best horse ever. His name was Sampson which I shortened to Sam and nowadays we mostly call him Sammy or Sammy-Sam-Sam. I wuv him so much.

May 30, 2011 - The day we met after I rode him. He was a find, 2.5 hrs away.
June 4, 2011 - The day after I brought him home at my house. Waylaid here for a week due to EVH1 quarantine. 
June 20, 2012 

Today's photo shoot goodies:
June 3, 2013 - Gotcha Day
June 3, 2013 - nom, nom, nom
June 3, 2013
June 3, 2013