Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When it rains it pours, and sometimes you want to give it a boot

I live in a wet climate, raining 9 months out of the year.

In the late spring and summer, I stop wearing my tall boots to the barn which are my Ariat Windemeres in Baker plaid and black leather (FAVORITE BOOTS EVER) because I don't need the warmth but probably still need protection from wet muck in the paddocks.

The last few years I've been wearing Crocs with or without socks. They are light and cool and slip on nicely. And you should know I switch to my Ariat paddocks to actually ride my horse. But I like to leave those at the barn so I need to/from home shoes at the very least.

However, the Crocs will static my horse if I'm still wearing them when I groom. And they fit sloppily and I unattractively slough around in them. Plus immediately get footing in them when I'm walking through arenas to go do something or other.

Ariat Windemere Baker
Purple Crocs

I was also using rain boots, like my Sperry's (which I find a super comfy and sheik boot), but they are tall and hot in the spring/summer, esp if I hang around the barn all day in them, my feet get sweat. I also like my Joules Wellibobs, but mine are fleece lined and they are a little looser on me then I would like with my heel moving around a lot.

Sperry Top-Sider
Joules Wellibob

I was at the local farm store and they had some BOGS which I never liked the look of since they have the grab hole at the top, though some of the patterns are nice. But then I spied a short boot, and then an even shorter slide. The BOGS Rose! That would be perfect as it's a slide but not sloppy and probably not too too hot. They didn't have my size, but of course I quickly got online and found one.

It fits great and is super comfy.
When I wore them to the barn, they were awesome on the gravel and pavement and packed dirt and mats. They were not great on cedar or hogsfuel footing. They weren't able to 'flip' back onto my foot quickly as they do on a hard surface and it made walking trying and it back sloppy. I definitely wouldn't want to lead my horse around wearing them in that footing. Hmm... good for flatting. Check.

I had noticed when I was shopping for the Rose, that there was a taller boot, with a heel, the Rue. But I was unsure I would like it and if it would stay on my heel or be like a flip-flop.

So I found a pattern I liked and ordered that after my Rose experience. It came yesterday and I got to wear it to the barn today. Comfortable, fits like a glove, super cute. Check. Hard surfaces. Check. Arena footing, PERFECT! Stays on, totally solid, will be great for being around horses in. TA-DA! I'm so excited about rubber on my foot!! :)

 The best little tid-bit is that BOGS is a local company to me, which I didn't even know all this time until I went to their website and noticed their shoe styles were named uncommon names that were also local streets where I live.

*all shoe photos in this post are the color/pattern of the actual shoes I own.

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