Friday, April 5, 2013

And climbing

Wednesday, I rode about a half an hour. We worked on a steady rhythm and because I had sleepy Sam, I got brave. We jumped the black box with rail to the brown gate with rail. Trot in, jump 25" then canter the line to the 22" gate. Easy breezy. I normally do that combination without any rails. I definitely need to keep getting reps in, but it's a little bit easier every time. I was very pleased with myself.

black box with rail (left),  25" to the brown gate with rail and orange flowers (right),  22"

Today I had an extra lesson and because it was raining pretty hard, we stayed indoors and worked on flying changes. We figured out a really good figure 8 exercise that I am able to execute to really apply my leg aids correctly and timely. Sam has an auto change one direction, but can't seem to get his stiff side (left to right) to switch, even when asked. We can do really clean and fast trot changes, but we can't do those forever.

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