Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Buddying up!

This week starts the beginning of buddying up with my 'partner in crime' barnmate, Amy. She and her mare have been attending shows with me and we are at the same level of jumping. She has a pretty specific schedule she rides and I'm flexible. So I'm going to be joining her on some of her rides so we can set jumps, remind each other of things like, 'look up' 'release' 'sit up' etc. Plus it's just plain fun.

Gratuitous photo of Sam from last week - after he got to roll in the arena

Last night was our first night together and it was a blast. We even dropped stirrups for a few laps and
both rode longer then we normally would - and that's GREAT! We discussed how it's funner to be at the barn with someone else to ride with for support or to cheer on. For me it also helps me stay bold about jumps I might be wishy-washy about; someone to 'perform' for.

We already have a date this Thursday night. :)

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