Monday, September 30, 2013

L to R Flying Change!

Saturday, I had the indoor flat lesson and we worked on straightness for the L to R flying change that we never get (not since spring 2012). I felt we were making some progress with this new approach and my new positioning.

Sunday, I rode bareback indoors and also worked on flying changes. I worked on duplicating what I do from R to L changes (which are TOO EASY!) and keeping him very straight. I did get one rear change, but we didn't quite get the front. But more progress.

Today, I rode indoors in tack and asked for flying changes again. EVERYTIME he gave me an immediate rear change and 3/5 times I got a front change a step later - twice I got the front 2-3 strides later.

YAY!! SO SO HAPPY! He got lots of praise, so hopefully he's catching on that I want a flying change, not a simple change. I plan to ride again tonight and just warmup, do some changes and be done. Going outside to work on changes will present new challenges as the lack of smaller arena and walls won't make it obvious what I want, but at least we are talking the same language now.  :)

Flying change from last Nov. He gets some serious air most of the time. Happy to say, I ride it better now :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lasting a Lesson

I had a lesson on Tuesday and it started pouring at the start of my hour so we stayed indoors and flatted. It's always a good lesson on the flat, even though I never want to, I always walk away knowing it was well worth it. The best part was that I lasted the WHOLE hour, riding nearly every minute of it, only a few tiny breaks and I wasn't very winded and my legs were totally happy. Sam, of course, looked like he didn't work at all - darn him! Never barely breaks a sweat.

So yay for my fitness! I've also lost 8lbs since Aug 1.

Gratuitous photo of Sam modeling his new rain sheet, though it is 100g so I'm not sure you can call it lite. :)

Horseware Amigo Bravo 12, 100g with added 0g neck - best price at Pinnacle Horseware

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Honey and Patches

While owning my first horse, Solomon, I decided to get my three children (all 7 and under) a pony. Not only would pony keep Solomon company, but I'd get to share my love of horses.

I responded to a craigslist ad for 2 lovely ponies that kids had outgrown. So, husband and I visit ponies and they were well ignored for some time. Their hooves were VERY long. But they were super cheap, I had 5 acres to stick them in, apparently children had ridden them and I felt a little sorry for them.

Both mares, both very nice ground manners. Not so much happy about being ridden - but they stuck around all summer and gave literally a couple of pony rides. I was learning that my kids weren't as horse crazy as I was. But at least I had fun :)

I'm not sure we have many other pictures of the ponies then these.

Welcome Honey and Patches - I think you can figure out who was who.

Honey ready for the pony party we had for my son - pictured with eldest daughter (who is off to college on Friday!)

One of the pony rides with Patches, the taller of the two with me and my youngest girl (who is now 14!)
Eventually, Honey and Patches were sold to another lady for grandkids.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tack for Sale

Listing of my tack and riding related apparel and accessories for sale and will add/delete regularly.

Contact me if you want more info, pictures, etc. Open to offers, no trades. Updated 11/16/14

    • 2014 17.5" Wintec 500 close contact with Cair, dark brown. Like new, used about 8 times. Comes with sample gullet kit (MN, M, MW, W) and Wintec shim kit. $450 +ship.
    • Black Country Eloquence, black dressage saddle, 17.5" Med with 16" flaps, wool flocked, soft leather, Y billets. LIKE NEW, used about 25 rides. $2600 +ship.

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013

    2 foot? 2 easy!

    Went to a little schooling show on Saturday. Two jump rounds and a flat. 2' course, and my first non-green rider division :D Sadly, no other adults showed, so I had to compete with awesome kids.

    The arena itself was covered and apparently they have no air flow and skylight things so it was like a sauna. I was hot. Sam was hot. So he was behind my leg, I was apparently too hot to really make him go - and I didn't bring a crop because I never end up using them at shows. But he was good and calm so I think we're getting a trend here.

    It was fun and another rider from my barn came with her horse (Oly). So that made it fun too.
    Sam and I ended up placing 3rd and 4th for the jump classes and 3rd for the flat.

    The best part was that the jump height wasn't even a thought in my head. Onward to 2'3"!!

    Oly's mom, our trainer, & me before our rides
    Aww, we are so cute
    Aww, we are so TINY!

    Friday, September 6, 2013

    It's already Fall?!

    This is what Sam should look like in his flysheet and flymask. 

    This is what he looked like when I pulled him out of the pasture this morning after a few days of on/off rain. 

    Wait for it...

    Lovely. I'm not even sure he can see out of that. 

    Though rainy, it's still pretty warm for us, so I hosed him down with warm water wearing sheet and mask. He actually seemed to really enjoy it and didn't make ANY fuss about spraying his face. I rubbed him down with a towel and by the time I got in the saddle he was almost totally dry. 

    I turned him back out naked and when I go back tonight for show prep, I'm hoping not to find a mudball again.

    Monday, September 2, 2013

    Stealth pony

    Today I rode with my friend Amy. We flatted, we jumped and then we walked the 7 acre trail under the trees. It was lovely. 

    Afterwards, Amy and I were lunching and hanging out. I'd walk past Sam's stall several times. He'd be in his usual 'napping' corner with his bum to the window facing front, but in the back of the stall. 

    A few times I walked by and didn't say anything so I didn't disturb him (ie. make him move). 
    Then I realized that even though I was walking by, he definitely noticed it was me and he was keeping tabs. It was so cute because he's only 15.2hh, his eye just clears the wall with his neck stretched up. Watching.

    'Player' wanted to see if my phone was a treat and stealth pony Sam was making sure I wasn't giving any pony his treats.