Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This is Tashia (Tasha), a 14.2hh Arabian mare that I owned for a few years. 

She was originally bought for my oldest daughter to ride after the ponies that didn't work out and to keep my OTTB company. 

She was 18yo when I got her. She went english and western, neck reined, knew all her gaits by command. I wasn't into jumping at the time, so don't know if she would. I do know she had at least one filly. 

But my daughter was more interested in telling people she rode then actually riding. It's ok, she ended up being an awesome gymnast.

Not long after we got Tashia, I had to put my OTTB down and since no one was riding her, she became my mount. I rode her around our yard, but it was only useable seasonally and I eventually boarded for the first time up the road (not where I am now). She was a stubborn mare and I did have someone come out and help me after she tried to bite me from the end of the lunge line.

How did I ride without half chaps?!

But the boarding only lasted a few months because she had arthritis in her ankles and wouldn't keep the trot. Trotted on her own just fine, but not ridden. I decided not to inject, because she was already old and I didn't feel that was fair and retired her at my house. But, she wouldn't load in the trailer for the 2 mile ride home, so after about an hour of trying, I lead her down the country road with my husband and children following us in the family car, haha. 

I think I had her about 5 years. She pretty much ignored me, preferring to live at the back fence line of our 5 acres where two other mares lived on the other side. She wouldn't come up to eat the hay I put out, just the pasture around her (which was plenty, but not really nutritious in the winter). And I got tired of my dogs rolling in manure. I decided to rehome her with a pair of sisters who had a handicapped child who would take walk rides on her. And she'd be with about 4 other horses. I expect she lived out her days there, and maybe she's still alive today (she is a hearty arab), she'd be 33 this year.

"Let me out, my friends are waiting for me" (you can see them above her neck)

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