Friday, February 21, 2014

Saddle Rack Cover

I don't have one of these (yet) but it's a pretty handy idea.

On Esty from Salleigh's Equine Design
The only thing I would want to add to it is some padding (like a Saddle Mattress) in the saddle area, because my saddle doesn't like to stay on the rack all the way open. I actually zip tie the chain on my rack so it can't open all the way or my saddle will kinda fall through ;)

I haven't ordered one because I don't always use my saddle rack at shows. It totally depends on the setup of the show, how long I'm going to be there, etc. Keep in mind, I only do local shows, so I'm not necessarily lugging around a show truck - although I often bring my Stanley trunk - in which case, I don't bring my saddle rack, or vice-versa. 

Stanley trunk and hay bag on wheels. Heaven.


  1. I saw those and wanted one so bad... so my mom made me one! She even included a "hidden" pocket on the underside for keys/cell phone. Pretty snazzy stuff!