Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ariats FTW

I told the tale of the fabulous Dubarry Longfords that just weren't designed for me. So I needed something else. The goal was a boot I could wear to shows, around town, whatever. They didn't *have* to be waterproof, but I did need to be able to walk through puddles. I do live in the PacNW regardless of horses. And they had to be black.
Ariat Kempton H2O

So, I turned to my tried and true brand, Ariat. My paddocks have always been Ariats as well as a few other styles by them. They always fit great, in all the right places and are always comfortable to walk in.

Realistically, Ariat has three choices this season. I was drawn to the Stantons, but thought the straps/buckles around the ankle could get gunked up with mud, etc. Don't like 'scrunch' boots, so that left the Kempton H2Os. They do have that little silver stirrup on the side, but I figured it would hose clean easily. I ordered my normal Ariat size from Zappos.

From the start, they were soft, supple and classy. The footbed is what you expect from Ariat - comfort. I thought maybe the toe would present the same issue as the Longford, since the Kempton seems to have a slimmer profile.

Longford left, Kempton right
But what I found was the Longford makes a sharp angle right where my pinkie toe is, to begin the taper. The Kempton is more gradual, leaving more room at my pinkie toe before angling. 

Having had the tall Longford, I do wish the Kempton was taller. I did enjoy the length. But for my already short legs, the Kempton has room to add really cute sock toppers like lace and buttons, whereas I had hardly any room leftover at the top of the Longfords.

Longford left, Kempton right
pull on vs. zipper
top buckle detail vs. bottom stirrup detail

 bonus cute plaid interior
Style-wise, I do prefer the Longfords, but for 1/2 the price, I got twice the comfort and a style that's still slick enough. I probably can't stand in a water trough of water in the Kemptons and stay dry (maybe one day I'll try), but it suits my needs and saves on pinkie toe squeezing ;)

My Dubarrys sold over the weekend and the new owner LOVES them. :)


  1. Love the monkey socks :) These look really cute and like they can hold up to the wear and tear riders would put them through. You'll have to review them down the line sometime for an update!

    1. I think I got them at Target, or maybe Nordstrom Rack. They are actually excellent socks. Sturdy enough weave to really stick it out and not wear holes in the toes. I wear knee socks ALL winter long, under everything, and over breeches. :)