Monday, February 24, 2014


Remember how I said that I retired my Arab mare to my pasture? Well, at some point I decided that getting her a friend that was on the same side of the fence would be useful.

Enter Moon.

Moon was a 21yo registered Appaloosa mare by Nugget Jim. Here's me trying her out in all of about 60' radius of space. Uh... $500? Sold.

The lady said she roached her mane cuz it grew in scraggly - ok, not uncommon for appys.
I went to pick her up the next weekend with my tiny Miley 2 horse straight load with mangers. Yeah... she decided to get herself stuck on the manger right as I got to the bottom of the seller's driveway. I had to run up the hill to get help to get her unstuck. She had ended up cutting her leg and I had a nice vet bill when I got home. Trailer was sold shortly thereafter to a lady with ponies. :)

Does that mane look like it's growing in scraggly to you?
After a while, she went blind in one eye, apparently common in Appys but it didn't seem to bother her at all. When I decided to re-home Tashia, Moon went to a new home too, as a pasture buddy to another horse. I had decided not to keep her because because I never really liked how she moved, I think I rode her like twice - and she actually found a home before Tashia did.

She was bombproof though :)

Wow, I can't believe I let my kid up there with no helmet on an unknown horse (at seller's). Don't judge!
I struggle to remember Moon's registered name, but I remember it was whimsical and had 'moon' in it. And I remember her papers said she was born black. She was the first of the three Appys I would come to own.

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  1. She's so pretty! Normally I'm not a huge leopard appy fan, but she looks as sweet as pie!