Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hunter boot buckles meet super glue

Stock photos of my boots
Because of Viva Carlos' post about the awesomeness that is Hunter boots, I have not one, but two pairs now. They are surprisingly VERY comfortable. I decided to go with 'color block' instead of a solid color. Really happy with my choices.

However, I didn't like how the buckles work which were hard to buckle and also kinda unbuckled themselves so they stuck out.

That 3 tooth grabby center piece is really mean to the rubber and doesn't really hold like it's probably designed to do.

They should look all nice and sleek buckled, but I couldn't get them to behave.

And I also tried the fake buckle look, pulled it tight and it looked nice until I started moving around and then it just started unbuckling itself and I didn't like the flag look. 

So I did some googling and found this lady's video for a different brand boot, but similar buckling system and issue. Which is basically gluing the strap down. She cut off the center part of the buckle and just used the part you can see when buckled for looks, but I left it on mine. 

I just scratched the areas on the strap and the boot that I wanted to super glue to rough them up (used a steak knife and scratched like you would with your nail) and I did before the buckle section as well as the tail part. Added super glue dots to both sides and pressed down. Only took a few mins. They came out great and I'm super pleased :) 

Left boot is brand new, right boot I've used for a month now and you can see the white 'bloom' on it already.

I did only run them through the back part of the buckle because they do stick out pretty far otherwise. If you do it like the video, you could have the whole buckle look, I was just chicken to mess with them too much. 


  1. Oh yes I need to super glue one of my flaps down after the buckle was lost :(

  2. Ah, interesting! A friend of mine bought bought a pair recently and the buckle coming undone drives her crazy. She thought it was a defect and exchanged them two or three times but could never get a pair that stayed done up. I will send this on to her!

    1. I actually can't believe Hunter doesn't make them with a better/secure buckling system.

  3. This has been driving me insane. Glad to know i am not the only one who has had this issue!

    1. Both my boots are still perfectly glued!