Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Honey and Patches

While owning my first horse, Solomon, I decided to get my three children (all 7 and under) a pony. Not only would pony keep Solomon company, but I'd get to share my love of horses.

I responded to a craigslist ad for 2 lovely ponies that kids had outgrown. So, husband and I visit ponies and they were well ignored for some time. Their hooves were VERY long. But they were super cheap, I had 5 acres to stick them in, apparently children had ridden them and I felt a little sorry for them.

Both mares, both very nice ground manners. Not so much happy about being ridden - but they stuck around all summer and gave literally a couple of pony rides. I was learning that my kids weren't as horse crazy as I was. But at least I had fun :)

I'm not sure we have many other pictures of the ponies then these.

Welcome Honey and Patches - I think you can figure out who was who.

Honey ready for the pony party we had for my son - pictured with eldest daughter (who is off to college on Friday!)

One of the pony rides with Patches, the taller of the two with me and my youngest girl (who is now 14!)
Eventually, Honey and Patches were sold to another lady for grandkids.