Monday, February 17, 2014

Dubarry Longford story

So, late last year when I still had a job, I splurged. When Dubarry came out with their Longfords, I was in love. I am a sucker for stripes, buckets and leather, ding ding ding!

I ordered them from SmartPak so I could return them if I needed to since I wasn't sure they would fit my wider calf and short (16") leg. After a few times on and off to break them in, I was comfortable with the calf width and height. They definitely go almost all the way to my knee. 

However, standing in them I could instantly feel pressure on my pinkie toes. I have fairly narrow heels but a little more then standard width across the balls of my feet. Think triangle with pudgy toes at the end. I did inquire online if people thought they would stretch out a little. I have some Ariat Windemeres that did widen across the balls of my feet (though they never had pressure there, just got a little wider). 

I decided to give them a try and wore them walking around shopping for about 3 hours. OMG, my feet hurt so much. Some people find Dubarrys super comfy, and others say that have to put orthopedics in them. I've never needed orthos but I went and got some. I got only the heel kind that tapers down towards the toes - disappearing in the arch area. I sure didn't need to add extra padding by the balls of my feet, ie. pinkie toes. And my arches never like too much arch in any shoe.

It seemed to be better. Wore them a few more times but for shorter periods of standing/walking time, like out to dinner. And then it had been a few weeks since I had worn them, but put them on to go shopping again last week and I made it a few laps around my house getting ready before the pressure at my pinkies was just too much and I had to take them off. Fine when I sit, but as soon as I take a stride and all the weight is on one foot, OUCH.

I have also considered standing in the bathtub in them and then walking around until they dry to see if that helps, but honestly, I'm not sure I want to endure that when it may not even work. So, they went up for sale and sold within a week on FaceBook to a prior buyer of breeches.

I did get GOBs of compliments on them from both horse and non-horsey peoples. They are stunning, just not for me. :(

Tune in later this week when I unveil their replacement :)


  1. What size are they?!? :)

    I have the regular dubarrys and made the mistake of wearing them for a long time on one of my first wears and talk about sore. Now that they are broken in though they are my favorite boots. That said I need a lot of arch suppose so if I'm considering tromping around a cross country course in them I'd need to find some kind of arch support or suck it up - which I have and I'll say the dry toes were worth the now minimal discomfort.

    Email me if the boots are by chance a size 8 reg?
    Equestrianathart at gmail

  2. So pretty -- too bad they didn't work out!!

  3. Those boots cost more than any of my last four saddles.

    So... I want them, but I couldn't justify it. I've never read a full review before. Looking forward to the conclusion.

  4. I really want a pair of Dubarry knock off boots, but need my calf to slim down a little first!