Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little saddle Bliss

My saddle fitter came out on Saturday. She's an Albion rep and I had her reflock my Black Country Ricochet in May. It was time again and this time she not only repeated a needed to widen my tree, but this time she said it HAD to happen. Between having more panel room to stuff (esp in the front to get it off his shoulder) and also widening it, this saddle just wasn't cutting it.

Here are my options and keep in mind I'm not a huge truster of people being able to make/adjust things to my exact specifications.

1. Send my saddle to NY to get widened by Albion. 
I would still need to use the fleece and loose front shims I'm using now. But it wouldn't be so much pressure at the tree.

2. Buy a new saddle.
Well, I love my saddle. I love everything about it, other then it's not fitting my horse anymore. Finding saddles for both of us isn't easy. I can't have forward flaps or long flaps (13-13.5" is ideal) because I have short legs - and a 17.5 seat to go with it. And it has to be dark brown (not havana). And it sounds like I have to get a MW tree, which is like the most uncommon size to find. And wool flocked, of course. Yeah, not so fun. So buying used is like a needle in a haystack - I've actually been looking for my saddle in a MW since May. :/
Albion K2

Here's the new saddle options:

  • I could buy an new custom Albion K2. It comes in the color range I want. But the flap leather is really really thick - not sure about wanting that. I can't sit in one until Jan. And everyone online says they are super uncomfy for flatting and ONLY good for actually jumping and not sitting the canter. Doesn't sound very friendly. 
  • I could buy a new custom Black Country. YAY! Perfect plan! Get wider tree, different panel set-up, get all the fit and color for me in leather I love. 
I decide to stick with what I know and try to stay with Black Country. So I track down a rep 2.5 hours from me. She responds to my email right away and calls. She and my Albion fitter know and respect each other, so I'm not too worried about clashing. However, she says while she can still order me a Black Country saddle, she's not really rep'ing them anymore, and instead is rep'ing Bliss of London. 

Who!? A super high end saddle company (prices start around 5k) started by a former employee of Black Country and using the original and more awesome then current tree maker from Black Country. And they have a lower more affordable in the Albion and Black Country price range called Loxley of Bliss.

Let's oogle for a moment.

Paramour Jump - who wouldn't want to sit in that?!

That would be crocodile. New hunter style, no?!

Yay! New shapes!

And that's just their jump line.
But, I'm probably going to go in the sub 3k range with Loxley by Bliss:

The color I seek!

What little girl wouldn't love that?! I do and I'm not even a fan of pink.

So, the new fitter comes on Friday. I'm actually really excited.

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