Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A progressive year

In the WAY WAY Beginning
This is our first video from June 2011. I'd had Sam for about 3 weeks and this was my 3rd time "jumping" with him ... which was also my 3rd time jumping ever, if you don't count the 8 week camp in 5th grade. I'd had almost 2 solid years of 3x/wk riding up to this point, all dressage and on a previous horse. (if you click the little HD, bottom right, then it's much clearer)

I have to laugh at my stirrups in the first ten seconds, hehe. Then I play it again and watch how high I post or how wide my hands are. Hehe. Or my dressage-y canter halfway through. And then I just keep laughing. Love how Sam fake jumps for me, which he stopped doing earlier this year if we trot anything less then 2' - he just trots right on over the baby stuff (with an eyeroll, I'm sure).

Earlier this Year
Our season this year started in March. It was a jumpers schooling show and you'll see how we are definitely not a jumper team. Slow pace, no leads, and chipping everywhere were commonplace.

Our Best Ride
October 2013 was our best round to date, so 2 years and 4months after the first video and 7 months after the jumper class above. The class was Low Working Hunter Open 2'-2'3" and is the highest we've competed together. There were 13 entries, we placed 2nd (against kids too!). Great pace and all the correct leads (miracle!).

I could definitely comment about my less then stellar equitation (new saddle seems to be helping that) or the tiny chip coming out of the 2nd line.

But this is about how far I've come. And I'm feeling pretty good about it.

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  1. You should always be proud of the progress you've made :)