Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's on my wish list this week?

Present giving time is coming up. I like to wrap (haha) up all my shopping before black friday. That's when the malls get frantic-crazy and I don't enjoy crowds and lines.

I also have to make sure to have my own wish list in order, because otherwise my family wouldn't know what to get me because I'm so darn picky! Luckily, I eventually get most of the stuff because of the following lucrative months:

Nov: my birthday
Dec: Christmas
Jan: wedding anniversary
Feb: Valentines's Day

Though, sadly, for the rest of the year, it's a desert.

I keep a bookmark folder on my browser labeled 'wish list' which does include links to wanted items and actual wishlists like Dover's and SmartPak's lists with auto-login on, etc. This list method makes it easy to remove the flavor of the month with something more interesting. I add details in the link name such as color or size choice so they know which one to buy. My family can just hop on my computer and see what I want and where to get it - any time of year. (hint, hint)

So here's a sampling of horse related items on my list. Let's face it, it's almost my entire list.


  1. Oh love them all!!

    It's a good gift time of the year for you!

  2. Love the items! I'm similar - my birthday and Christmas are both in December so I try to stock up :)