Friday, December 6, 2013

Loxley by Bliss, welcome home

It was a cold and blustery day with new snow on the ground.
Our first snow of the season - we usually get less then 10 days a year.
Today the new fitter came. She assessed my BC Ricochet and she thought the tree was a hair narrow and she could widen it on the spot (not have to send out like other fitter) but said it would still need to be shimmed to fit my horse as there was too much pressure in the rear panels and some bridging. Part of the problem is my saddle is T stamped in that it was made off a template for a specific horse. So it's not a standard M or MW and was specifically shaped for another horse which she suspected had a flatter back and less/no rise like mine.

I told her how this was my forever horse and I'd rather not have to shim and try to make it fit and maybe mess it up myself. That he should have a saddle that fits and it was worth getting. So we talked about the Loxley by Bliss saddles and ordering one. I tried a saddle she had in my seat size though it had a hoop tree that my horse wouldn't need. The seat was comfy, but my knees were pretty far away from the flap and it was too far forward.

We talked some more.

And then she remembered that she had a saddle that might be perfect. It was also my seat size and the classic tree shape which wouldn't have such a wide twist. Bonus…. it was chocolate brown.

We put it on and it fit him almost perfectly. Just a little flocking adjustment, and bam! Insta-saddle.

Sitting in it, my seat bones were home. It was like it was made for me. Perfect balance, comfortable seat, easy two-point. Flaps were even short enough and not too far forward, but forward enough that it fit my knee better then my last saddle which was getting a little short at the knee because my stirrups have been shortening over the last year (as jumps get higher).

Sam moved lovely (he usually does anyway) and we popped over a little X in the indoor a few times and I felt great and solid. We even had an awkward long distance and I was solid still. Perfect. I'll take it.

And that was that.

Here's some pics of my new (literally only sat in twice before) Loxley Jump LX, 17.5" MW.
Love the molded flap - worked well with my leg

Those extra straps are like placeholders for billets to add or move. All the saddles come with them :)

Love the stitching color - subtle contrasting. Plus I got descrete bling with the red welting.
Will get some in saddle pics soon. :)  I'm super excited and relieved it's a done deal.

Next problem: Which saddle to sell?

Turns out my dressage saddle fits him well, but I barely use it. And obviously my jump doesn't - but fits me (flap could be more perfect, but it's fine) and I just love it. First world problems.

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  1. NEW SADDLE!!!

    OMG the arena looks SO cool with the snow!!