Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was contact by Sam's original owner right after I got him 2.5yrs ago. It was a brief email exchange.

Today, she reached out again (mom of the daughter rider) and also sent me some pictures. They purchased Sam from the breeder. I know they owned him for several years and apparently his start was in dressage.

The day they brought him home
His mane was always wispy!

Ah yes, the hairy beast… and it seems to be summer considering the rider's attire

I know he was then sold to a lady who also did dressage with him. Next to a trainer who evented with him. Then to the lady I bought him from who did hunters with him. So if you count the breeder, I'm his 6th and last owner. ;)


  1. Cool! Always nice to have background. I've never seen him look really curly until these pictures.

  2. How cool! It's always fun to find out your horses history and know that an owner cared and cares enough to check in on them!