Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Horse-sized Haul

I had a lovely Christmas with my family and some friends. I got a lot of special gifts and I wanted to share the horse-related ones.

From my husband, M. I opened this with such awe and surprise that he took the time to get me a custom Breyer, for it is truly marked as my Samoa Star with star and two left socks. I ran over and gave him a hugs right away. So thoughtful.

What I learned after was that he went to the local farm store and picked out a stablemate that was in the position of what Sam does and with a white face and left socks. I think this horse was originally a shade of brown. He cut open the back, removed the horse and used a black sharpie to color it. Then he put it back and taped the back. The horse looks so super shiny and new in the package, and now I know why! hehe. It's so awesome. He said it's good from far and far from good and that I might want to keep it in the package, haha.

I'm going to keep him in the package cuz it's just so cool to have a 'store-bought' custom :)

From my youngest daughter, N. From my wish list, my daughter commissioned a custom crocheted pony. It's so cute and even stands on it's own. I totally plan to bring it in my tack trunk at shows as a little mascot. <3

There's little white socks between the cream colored hooves and black legs!

And this handmade card holder from etsy designer, Beatrice B Smith. She also made that fabulous cuff I got for my birthday. I plan to use this especially at shows and times when I just bring my credit card, ins card and driver's license with me.

The leather is so so soft and fabulous

From my eldest daughter, C. Also from my wish list, a handmade horseshoe in rose gold filled with sterling silver chain from easy designer, Natasha Grasso. It's so pretty and unique.

16" chain was just the right length to hang at my collarbone

From my good friend, Heather, who also is my cheerleader at shows. A jump RIBBON HOLDER!! In my COLORS!! After looking online and not loving the quality she found, she decided to make her own. OMG, it's awesome!

Hand painted royal blue and white with little tiny blue dots around the finials. You hang the ribbons from the poles!

From my barn buddy, Amy. This super cute 8oz glass with horse and rider on one side and dog and 'Good Job' on the other. Plus, not pictured, a polka-dot insulated lunch tote so I could bring my lunch to the barn more often because we like to lunch after we ride while watching lessons or other riders. And I always forget to put one together. ;)

And from Santa. Tough-1 riding crop with bright red and metallic silver ribbon striping. Poked out of my stocking, just like a candy cane. :D

Way more stylish in person

I love my family and friends. They are so awesome and make me feel so special.
I recommend all the items listed. They are all very well made and as awesome as they look.


  1. Great gifts and a wonderful family! Happy Holidays!

  2. So many awesome gifts! What a great Christmas :)! The stablemate is really, really incredible!

    1. I named the stablemate my favorite gift as we went around the room at the end of the day. Surprised myself. :)

  3. What great, personal gifts!

  4. Great gifts! Love the red & silver crop! :-)