Thursday, October 24, 2013

Check! Another goal complete!

One of my goals this year was to jump bareback at any height. I'm happy to say that I've actually jumped about a dozen times now over the last 2 months. But none of them have been higher then 12"and they were Xs. And really, we just focused on cantering over them, hehe.

But today, I was braver and jumped the already set up vertical. It's still technically a canter, but it felt more like a jump because it had some oomph at the takeoff.

Measures at 19"
So I think I can officially check it off my list :D

Goals, 2nd half 2013

  1. Successfully show 2' hunters by end of season. (not counting the 2' show earlier this year when I fell off)
    • Successfully showed 2'3" and won the LS Division!
  2. School 2' 3".
    • Schooling 2'3"x 2' oxers!
  3. Jump in bareback pad at any height.
    • 19" so far!
  4. Lose inches off my hips and tummy - enough to nicely fit back into my size L FITS Bekas that were too tight this time last year. Still wearing the XL Bekas I bought after I saw photos of me in the larges o0.
    • I've lost 11 lbs since Aug. More inches to go if I want to get into the Larges.
  5. Break in my tall boots all the way so I can actually show in them.
    • I've decided the Donatellos I have aren't going to get any shorter and they are way too tall for me still. Just got in some Mountain Horses that are short enough… these may work.