Monday, October 7, 2013

Opinions Required! Where to embroider...

So I purchased the following wool cooler from Dover for use away from home. Not really sure when I'll use it, but being a tack-ho, I couldn't go any longer without this staple. 

Keep in mind that I ride independently, ie. under no barn banner. My colors are royal with black and white when I can help it with alternates of navy or lt. blue (ie. Horseware Newmarket colors). So it's totally all about me and my horse.

Tongue not included - note, show halter is black leather, so it look nicer then halloween orange
I want to have it embroidered but I'm undecided about which way to go. I can do a monogram on the lower left hip.

Option A
But I'm not superfan of my monogram of JLA. Makes it unbalanced to my eye. Though the one above I just found is probably a decent solution.

I recently ordered a monogram that didn't use a cursive J which always looks like a backward B to me (cept when I write cursive Js cuz they look cool), but they added some weird lines to the lettering - seriously, who makes their Js or Ls like that? (Smartpak does)

But I've also seen the option to add the horse's show name right across the barrel. Something like this:

Option B
I assume we're all in agreement that the embroidery should be on the left side of the horse - or should I do both sides?! AHHHHHHH. What I'd like to hear is your input on which option I should choose.

Option A: Monogram on left hip
Option B: Show name on left barrel

Please weigh in on your thoughts. Keep in mind that it's of no consequence to me it's customized for this horse. A barnmate suggested monogram because then I could use it on another horse. But honestly, by the time I got another horse to use it on, and it happened to wear the same size, and I wanted to use the same color scheme (only if it was also black), I'd probably would want the latest fashion trend or fabric, etc. 

I'm a little partial to Option B, horse's show name. It's his blanket after all, he has to wear it :)


  1. Hmm, I like them both. The initials are pretty (I love monograms) and good if you plan on using it for multiple horses (which you don't, so basically it's just pretty). But I also really like having the horse's name, since then everyone will know who that fancy guy is! You could always do his name on the left and your initials on the right if you wanted to double up. But if you were only doing one, I think I'd go with his name on the barrel. It's cute that it's just for him, plus then everyone will know who he is, in case on emergency or just advertising his awesomeness.

  2. I had a stable sheet I used only at horse shows with my horse's show name (on both sides, cause he was a BAMF). At the time, I really liked it and it fit the "circuit" we were showing (4-H). But now that I pretty much only show at hunter shows, I would probably opt for the more classic and understated monogram... cause hunters are just not as flashy as breed circuit people. JMO though -- I think either will look stunning on Sam!

  3. Hard decision. I like them both. The monogram is cool. That being said, it would look great with Sam's own name on it, seeing as it's his blanket. Argh. Not sure which one I like the best. Probably the monogram.

  4. I never will monogram or engrave with a horse's name anymore. I'm cynical, but horses come and go... I would do your monogram on the left hip!

  5. Yeah as Lauren said, horses come and go, do your name :P

  6. I love monograms!!

    If the sheet if just for him, then you can totally go with his name. But if you plan to use it later on, on a different horse or in the future then your monogram is prob best... unless you don't care that his name will be on it forever! :)

    Really either way is good... I don't think the lettering looks bad either, maybe chose another font?

    Henry came with a wool cooler and it has his name on it :)

  7. If at all possible, I would do Sam's name on the bottom left. More towards his left front leg. I think the tiny font in the middle looks a little odd because of the proportions.