Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall clip

This is a nice weather week. Highs in the high 60s and lows in low 40s. No rain and SUNSHINE! 

I live in WA state, in case I hadn't mentioned that already. Fall has started in full force last month and so for the next 8 months until spring, we savor every sunny day.

This was the view yesterday.

And my horse was 1/2 asleep. Must-a baked in the sun before I got there. We jumped some jumps and then went for a trail ride in the back with my friend, Amy.

After un-girthing, I noticed the sweaty curls. My guy rarely sweats and wet curls just reminded me how fuzzy he's getting. Though all the horses are also shedding this week.

So I returned to the barn in the evening to clip the beast.

Before - crushed velvet waves
After - smoooooooth
I'll do the legs and head on Weds. Don't think I'll have time today. He's really really good about standing quiet. But starts getting antsy right when I finish the body, so I always do the legs and head the following day.

And of course, now that he's naked, stable blanket at night.

All tucked in


  1. Those jumps look pretty!

    Oh man Henry is getting furry and that yuck sweat and hair nastyness!

  2. I want to clip now but we typically clip once a season so it won't happen for another month