Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Brick

Two and a half years ago I started jumping. The first two years were tough. The first year I was learning all the basics, balance, strength and unknowingly using the wrong kind of saddle (Flair) that would double bounce my horse after every jump - making him hump hump hump. 

The second year ushered in a new saddle and new trust building with my horse for a total of 2+ years to finally get to 2'-2'3". But I have arrived. And then I found my next target: big brick.

There's two jumps I do not jump at my barn. The 'stone wall' and the 'big brick'. Big brick is 2'x2' of solidness. I think stone wall is a hair bigger, I need to measure it. Both are mentally scary. If we tap them, it could get really ugly instead of just knocking down a rail. But I've been eyeballing big brick for the last month. Any why not? I've been jumping that 2'3" high by 2' wide oxer all month. Friday, I really wanted to make it happen, so I rode towards it, chickened out with plenty of time and jumped the 'baby brick' (18") instead which is off to the left. Deflated.

Yesterday, all by myself in the jump arena (people at barn, just not in the arena), I jumped it. It was also the first time for Sam. I just kept saying, look up, look up, look up. And then Sam did a serious plant to the base and we had liftoff. 

I'm 99% positive I said 'shit' as we were soaring over, haha. 

I'm pretty sure Sam had the same sentiment as well because on the other side he landed low with his head between his knees (very last year, old saddle style) but I stayed tall and eyes up, instead of diving with him. And I easily had him picked up in the very next stride. SO freaking exciting!!

Sam posing in front of Big Brick
Riding buddy, Amy, says I have to jump it today when I ride later with her. I replied,"Only if I can muster up the nerve again!"


  1. Woohoo! I am such a weenie -- if a jump is too airy, I get nervous... but if the jump is really solid (like big brick) I also get nervous! Congrats on finally making it over!!

  2. It is SUCH a mental thing! Good for you for getting to it!

    PS- I'd love to invite you to my equestrian bloggers group :)