Monday, May 27, 2013

Goals, revisited

I was looking through some old posts and found the Goals post I made in Jan 2012. Let's see how I did.

  1. No & yes. I'm actually a tad heavier and definitely wider through the hips and tummy. Though my cardio and muscling has improved lately and I can last longer without taking a break - so fitness is better.
  2. Yes, I totally did this AND kicked butt doing it. See my post with those results: Pies and Jars
  3. Nada last year, and only a few times this year, so very late in starting this one.
  4. Not at all in 2012, but have been doing that over the last month and can w/t/c bareback, YAY!
  5. BAWAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. I over-estimated, WAY over-estimated how awesome I am. I'm just this month consistently schooling 2', which last month was still scary. 
  6. Yes, I did go and do this and decided it's not for me. Not right now. Too scary. I like hunter pace.

Not too shabby, many came this year instead of last year. I'm still ok with that.

So this weekend will be the 1/2 way into the year mark. A pretty good time to set some goals for the rest of the year.

Goals, 2nd half 2013

  1. Successfully show 2' hunters by end of season. (not counting the 2' show earlier this year when I fell off)
  2. School 2' 3".
  3. Jump in bareback pad at any height.
  4. Lose inches off my hips and tummy - enough to nicely fit back into my size L FITS Bekas that were too tight this time last year. Still wearing the XL Bekas I bought after I saw photos of me in the larges o0.
  5. Break in my tall boots all the way so I can actually show in them.

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