Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Piloting Flitzen

I got to ride my barnmate's mare, Flitzen. After checking the brakes, I channeled my inner dressage and worked on getting her to stop flipping her head in the air during up transitions. It took several laps, but she was starting to catch on. I rev'd her engines so she would push from the rear and unlike my guy, I could really feel her push.

Her canter was like a riding a double washing machine. It was crazy movement - and fast. So I decided not to jump her as she's known for her loooong departs and I didn't feel confident at the speeds she was going.

I felt really proud of applying my dressage knowledge with immediate results. It was definitely a good experience and I totally appreciate my friend letting me fly around on her horse.


  1. Love it when you can identify a problem with a horse and fix it relatively quickly!