Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sad blanket story

A casualty while I was gone, super sad face
Apparently there was a rain day while I was away and the crew put Sam's lite turnout on instead of his flysheet as they should. Well, Melissa found Sam in the pasture later that day with the above Rambo Supreme ($$$) hanging around his neck and the tail piece elsewhere in the pasture. No, that's note designed to be a removable tail flap. I have no idea what happened. The elastic tail strap was pulled out of the clip on the other side. All the surcingles are in perfect condition, as is the chest and neck cover sections.

The horse he's normally out with doesn't usually touch Sam, as Sam is his alpha and I never had a problem all winter with the pasture buddy. So weird. Best part? Blanket was purchased March 1 this year. UGH. I totally love Horseware, but this is the 2nd Rambo Supreme I've had issues with - though only with lining getting small holes in really odd places on that one - it's a med fill I bought in Oct and had holes by Dec :/

I salvaged the neck section and the removable surcingles and tossed the rest in the trash.

This fall, totally going to look into the SmartPak Ultimate Ballistic Rug with their 10yr indestructible guarantee or they replace it. I guess they are coming out with a neck cover to match this spring. Bonus that it comes in royal blue piping (royal blue is Sam's color). Just not a fan of leg straps. :/


  1. Eek! I've heard good things about those SmartPak blankets.

  2. I have that SmartPak blanket, got it because Carlos was always super rough on his clothes and i figured that with a 10 year guarantee and free shipping both ways that blanket is worth the price!