Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer coat

I body clipped Sam this weekend. He was getting too furry for summer. So we did the 3 day body clip.

Day 1: Body, includes cleanup of cliplines
Day 2: Legs and face, usually I get front legs and head cleaned up
Day 3: rear legs cleanup and ears

Not only does clipping make for a less lazy horse in the summer heat (85-90 for us) but makes for a fast cool down with a quick rinse and scrape, then just a few minutes of dry time while munching some between the weeds. ;)

Day 1 remnants

Beautifully clipped
My trick for a completely smooth clip with zero lines are my small clippers that adjust and one of settings matches perfectly to my Lister Stars fine blade and I go over every line with my small ones. :)

Lister Stars, w fine blade
Wahl Chromado, w adjustable throw away blade


  1. He must be fuzzy! I've never had to clip in the summer.

  2. Ive never clipped in the summer either! yay for less hair!