Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This or That

She Moved to Texas asked:

Appaloosas or Pintos: Appys!
Palomino or Buckskin: Buckskin - all time fav
Bay or Chestnut: Bay
Star or Stripe: Wide stripe
Mare or Gelding: Gelding

Quarter Horses or Arabians: Quarter Horse
Fjord or Haflinger: Fjord
Clydesdale or Percheron: Percheron
Thoroughbred or Warmblood: Thoroughbred
Saddlebreds or Tennessee Walkers: neither
Connemara or Welsh Pony: Connemara

Cross Country or Fox Hunting: Fox Hunting (never tried it!)
Equitation Under Saddle or Hunter Under Saddle: Hunter Under Saddle, Sam outscores me :)
Hunters or Jumpers: Hunters
Dressage or Cross Country: Dressage
Local or Rated Shows: Local
One Day or Weekend Shows: Weekends

County or Antares: Antares
Flash or Figure 8: Neither, french cavesson for everything
Polo Wraps or Boots: Boots!
Standing Wraps or Shipping Boots: Standing wraps, but neither for trailering
Square Pads or Baby Pads: BOTH, Lettia <3
Standing or Running Martingale: Neither

Ariat or Tailored Sportsman: FITS!!
Traditional or Technical Fabric Jackets: Technical Fabric
Field Boots or Dress Boots: Field Boots
Black Jacket or Navy Jacket: Navy for my black horse
Spurs or no Spurs: No Spurs
Crop or no Crop: Crop at home, nothing at shows
Charles Owen or GPA: Charles Owen


  1. Haha, I would say the same thing for the Eq or HUS question!