Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back in the Tack!

I'm back from my way too long, but was fun regardless, vacation. :)

Yay, I'm home!
I missed my boy Sam, so much! I got home yesterday afternoon and because it was hot, waited a few hours for the temp to drop (84 instead of 89) and went to see my favorite guy. I bribed his love with a cold apple. :)

I spent extra time grooming, making sure all was well. He looked great, though his coat is getting thick again already. It's only been 2 months since his last full clip.

We rode inside first. He felt extra tall when I got on. We did some transitions, then canter work. He was his very good normal self. His shoulder fore work was very responsive and he really reached with his hind end. I know the riders worked on that :) The breeze picked up outside so we meandered out there.

We popped over a few 12" crossrails, but Sam was unimpressed and trotted them. So we moved to the 18" box to gate line at a canter. It was so super fun and we were in sync. When I rode again this morning with my buddy Amy, Sam and I had perfect timing and rhythm in the same sections. Less so with the 3 stride crossrail to 2' oxer, but I was solid and safe. :)

After today's ride, I told Amy that it was more fun then a trip to Europe. And that's true!

Schedule I created and posted on my tack locker
Getting fuzzy again!

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