Monday, June 10, 2013

See you in July!

I leave for my trip tomorrow. I was excited until last week when I found out my contract at work would expire in July. I meet with two different people today and the outlook is sounding positive.

I had a great time at the barn today. Amy was there and we jumped together. Then we ventured in the back 7 acre woods and on through the gate to the back 10 acres which is a squared path around an organic farm. The farm part was a first for us both and the horses were very good. We'll be repeating that more this summer.

Apparently I was having too good a day because this evening I found out that the French air traffic controllers were going on strike for 3 days starting tomorrow. I fly into Paris on Thurs AM. AHHHHHHH!!!! I don't know quite what this means. Some airlines have already cancelled hundreds of flights. Some say they are canceling all but international flights. I don't know what the airline I'm flying is doing because they haven't publicly announced anything yet. Just great. Kinda wondering if I'm getting the hints that I shouldn't go on this trip. :/

Haven't packed a lick yet. I'm the world's most procrastinating packer. I have done laundry, bought snacks, and have all the animal stuff taken care of. So in theory, it should be a fairly quick and painless process.

I did hug my pony around his neck before I left today. :)


  1. Have a great trip! Hopefully your journey won't be affected by the strike. I'm sure it'll be fine.

  2. I hope that your trip goes smoothly. Have fun!