Monday, May 6, 2013


Yesterday I rode in the 80 degree weather with my friend, Amy. Someone had set up this gymnastic with an extra 2 jumps then we normally have - well, and they were all verticals. So I just made them Xs so they weren't too intimidating. 

It was SO fun and scary at the same time, kinda how a roller coaster makes you feel. I had to just let Sam do his thing under me without holding him so we didn't mess up. I just looked up and we went. We went faster then we normally go, as least it felt that way, but we didn't really gain speed. 

I did it twice. It was awesome both times. Had a huge grin on my face. I could tell right away what a confidence builder it is. No wonder people do gymnastics all the time. We really haven't done any since I first got Sam. So many other issues to work on, but I can totally see that this is a place I need to go to.  

And, I convinced Amy to do it once too even though the poles on the ground in-between are her least favorite thing ever. I think she liked it too...




  1. You have a lot of nice jumps, is that a bank in the background?

  2. Yes, it is. We have a few eventers and there used to be some logs and ditches in the back 7 acres as well. Mostly just used for trails now.

  3. Oh, we mostly sit on the bank and watch lessons though, haha. Our barn is probably 80% dressage.