Saturday, May 25, 2013

In which I gain confidence

This week I've been consistently jumping 2'. YAY! And at mostly cantering instead of trotting in, cantering out. I would do red (22") to yellow (2'), shown left to right and then a nice left rollback to the black (2') to brown gate (22"), shown at right from the back to foreground. The more I did them, the less scary they were. I was riding with Amy for two days doing these, and that helped me get the courage to try :)

Today in my lesson I specifically worked on bending lines like black to red and vice-versa, etc. Though the red was an X today. But I also did the white jump in the foreground with a rail on top making it 2' to the yellow, also 2' and vice-versa. I was so busy with getting my turns timed nicely, etc, that I didn't have time to think about jump height. :)

Deciding if I show at 18" or 2' for the show on June 8. I really want to do 2' and the venue has a nice big arena, unlike many we go to which are tiny. But talking with my trainer it sounds like if the sh*t hits the fan - and at shows sometimes it does, I should stick with 18" so I have a good experience and shoot for 2' at the end of the summer when I've had more time to work on skills at the new height.

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