Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pies and Jars

I have 2 followers at this point (my kid doesn't count for #3). One of the bloggers of Viva Carlos, posted some lovely pie charts and graphs of all her ribbons and earnings the month before. Today, the other blogger of She Moved To Texas followed suit.

I admit, after Viva Carlos posted hers, I opened up Excel and proceeded to type in all my winnings per show. And since I have under 3 years worth and had written on the back of all my ribbons which are all right at my desk, it was a pretty quick and easy process. Plus, I've only shown with one horse.

Here's my 2012 results, my first full season. No fancy pie charts, just a collection of events, results and a color coded ribbon section.
2012 show season results

But then, She Moved to Texas also posted and added fancy pie charts. I've never made pie charts. So I looked them up and it took a bit of clicking to figure out how to get the pie to render, but in less then 30mins I had a simple chart to oogle.

53 ribbons won since 2011
Another topic discussed was what to do with all the ribbons. Do you make them into a quilt, a belt, a pillow? I got my glass jar idea from a horse forum I participate in. I've posted about my ribbons before and showed a photo of my display area above my desk.

Here's some closeups. I got the jars from TJ Maxx which was the cheapest place but have also seen them in craft stores. I keep 4th place + on in the tallest jar that has my champion ribbons hanging from it - that jar sits on top of a plastic container so that I got the perfect height. The silver plate uses a velcro hanger where one side sticks to wall and other to plate (non-damaging) with thick velcro binding the pieces to each other.

Time for taller or more jars soon. Would love if they all had lids. 
Top view of how I put them in. These two are pretty short so I couldn't do a double layer like my blue ribbons.
Trophy area and a Breyer that I etched the socks to match Sam's. The star was already there and is a close match.
Eventually I will run out of space and then I'm not sure what the plan is. I want to restrict it to this area of my house only. I could add another shelf above this one which is part of my desk. Or I could hang a string across the wall and hang from there (might do that with champion ribbons eventually). Or perhaps the trophies will have to go in a box to make more room for more ribbon jars.


  1. Ooooo, ahhhhhh - I love ribbons (and pie charts)! First off, those are some amazing results - go you! I love how you displayed them in the jars. I think once I make my pillow I'll try and figure out what to do with the rest of them.

    1. Thanks, though early success makes for a feeling of a lot of pressure to continue the trend.