Monday, January 2, 2012


  1. Get fit & lose the excess weight, ASAP.
  2. Compete in at least two hunter/jumper shows.
  3. Ride often without stirrups. 
  4. Transition to bareback pad when goal #3 has progressed far enough for trot/canter work.
  5. Be schooling 2'6" by summer's end.
  6. Try out a XC course before summer's end.


  1. Excellent goals, but why the bareback? Nothing wrong with that, just curious what's driving it.

    PS I am jealous of your thinline bareback pad.

  2. Just because I can't. I see people at the barn ride around trotting, cantering, even jumping bareback and I can only walk really. I figure it will won't hurt my independent seat either. Sending the Thinline back for reasons I mentioned in the post. I think tomorrow is the 30day return limit, I need to call.