Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Parade photo dump

We did the local parade over a week ago and I was waiting for some pics to come in. Sadly, I don't have video or any really good pics overall, so you'll have to piece the look together. Due to a LOUD band, it started out very very tense, LOTS of leg yields back and forth, but by the end Sam was his normal self. 

There were also snafus like the Twinkle red hoof glitter did not work out AT ALL (grumpy face) so we just went with black polish. And I shouldn't have put the hearts on his butt until AFTER the trailer ride - though it was easy to touch up. 

There were TONS of kids lining the road and lots of 'look at the unicorn!!'
So, that was pretty special. :)

 In case you can't tell, I'm the Queen of Hearts and Sam is my unicorn :)


You can see my red spats pretty decently here.

Before the step off!
Posing with my barn mate as Snow White

Posing with the Wells Fargo carriage - HOW COOL!!
One of my kids took this shot before we lined up
One of my kids took this shot before we lined up

Closeup of how sparkly my crown (and septre) was.
I bought the unicorn horn, tutu, apron, spats, (gloves that came too late) on etsy, made the crown and septre, and ordered the stockings online.

All in all, I was pleased with our turnout. I can't wait to use the unicorn horn again. I don't even think Sam knew he was wearing it ;).