Thursday, July 17, 2014

Murphy's Law strikes again

You know how the day you mail in your show entry your horse goes lame?

Well, the day the vet came out to do the lameness exam for Sam, he's sound. And that's not the first time with this horse and vet combo, haha. But truly, I'm happy to pay the vet just to make my horse sound :D

Sam got the full workup of flexions and prodding, but was sound anyway! We feel the Previcox might have played a role, and obviously it wasn't something serious (yay) and he probably tweaked it in turnout. So, Previcox through Monday, approved to go to parade on Saturday and happy, happy owner. :)

I went home and worked on wrapping up my parade outfit. Then back out to the barn for a test ride in my tutu. Sam was a little taken aback when I approached him with it on, but then he was fine after he got to sniff it. I really do think he's a dog.

Here's another sneak peak for the parade. Still many surprises in store. :)

Unicorn Love!


  1. I've had this happen too! But I agree, if that's all it takes to keep them sound, I'll keep bringing the vet out!