Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's in the Air...

At least three other bloggers I read have lame horses this week. Just add me to the list. 

Sam's been lame since Saturday morning. Friday night he was fine, 8 hours later, lame. It was slight at the warm-up trot and I was second-guessing if he was even lame. We jumped 18" twice, then a line to a 2' vertical. Two strides out from the landing he got super, obvious lame. :(   Super sad face.

I started him on Previcox, and just yesterday finally saw some improvement. Barely noticeable trotting on the lunge, but slightly there under saddle. Have a lameness exam in about an hour.

I'm worried about his arthritis in front lower pasterns as the lameness is on the left front. Could also be something regarding the front pads he wears for soreness. Or that it was the first night of night turnout and he had too much fun.

That it's getting better is good, but now I worry that jumping will exasperate it when we get back to that. 

We have a parade on Saturday and he seems totally fine at the walk under saddle, even on asphalt, so will see how he is to make the call on Friday.

Here's a preview of our parade attire. 


  1. It really is going around :(

    Hope he's back to feeling 100% soon!!

  2. Hope he gets better soon! Love the unicorn browband, too cute :)