Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Junk is in your Trunk Blog Hop

I'm only about two weeks behind on the current blog hop from Viva Carlos, but I finally took some updated pictures of my tack locker at the barn. Keep in mind that I also have 4 'trunks' at home that I should talk about another day.

Tack lockers for about 1/2 the barn
At my barn, our personal tack lockers are approximately 6' tall, 3' wide x 3' deep, complete with lock. They are not air/rodent tight and anyone with a hammer can whack off my lock, but it's a less dusty place and nothing accidentally walks away.

Because we have a hallway of the lockers for the front half of the barn (more lockers in the back) it's impossible to stand back and take decent pictures.

Here's a compilation of the front view, top to bottom. Feel free to just zip through the pics, but you're welcome to read exactly what's inside.

  • Smelly MTG and gloves on top, with tape measure for jump folks to use.
  • Stable blanket, sheet and current other blanket (rain proof 1/4 sheet right now) on shelf, left side. All in bags to deter mice from nesting.
  • Clean saddle pads on top. All in photo are AP pads except bottom purple pad is dressage. I probably have about 8 more pads at home.
  • Leopard covered saddle is my jump (brown for brown saddle), zebra is my dressage (black for black saddle). Both live on tube racks covered with old shaped hunter pads wrapped around using the velcro billet straps to secure. :)
  • Left of saddles is a 3 rack swinging blanket bar. Houses my bareback pad/cinch on the bottom and top two are for in use pad and/or drying of 1/4 sheet, etc.
  • Right of saddles are my 2 every day bridles, one for dressage (Stubben) one for jump (Harwich). Spare rubber 'rain' reins hang under jump bridle.

  • Under the saddles is my bath/anything bucket which houses my lunge line. Drawers below that are:
    1. sunglasses, bit warmer, current gloves, saddle rain cover
    2. browbands, grab straps, other small strap goods
    3. no bow wraps and standing wraps
    4. spare leathers, socks, spurs
  • In the blue basket is leather cleaner/conditioner, medical supplies
  • Drawers beneath that contain polo wraps, small clippers, weight tape, odds and ends
  • Bottles of shampoo, hair moisturizer, fly spray, vetrolin are nested between drawers.
  • Groom tote and paddock boots at the front. Rain boots also live there from time to time. Open front boots and bell boots for jumping days live in groom tote.
  • Behind the saddle pad bars are hangers for rope halter/lead, show bridle/lead and stud chain and 2 light jackets that live at the barn. 
  • Tucked between the wall and the drawers you see is a surcingle and lunge whip.
  • Fore-front is spare bridle/lead used for rolling. I don't like to have him roll in his leather halter (lives by stall) cuz I want to keep it nicer. Also there's a blue zilco cavesson with happy mouth bit for lunging (or specifically when I was using my trainer's Pesssoa Rig). 


  • One the right door are my dressage and jump girths as well as sweat scraper.
  • Spare and also 'show' helmet lives below that. I only use this helmet for shows and when my other one isn't dry from the day before, haha.
  • Left door houses all my whips, everyday helmet (left unzipped to air out) and 1/2 chaps.
There's a picture of Sam taped in my locker from last summer when I went on vacation for 20 days and had ppl riding Sam - so they would know what his tack is supposed to look like with the 1/2 pad and such. Crazy mom! It didn't occur to me before to put anything there, so it ended up just being a nice photo to have :)

If you look at the bottom of the last photo, you can see a yellow-y color at the base of the locker. It's wood putty and it also lines the corners and top crevices to stop the mice who were running through the backs of the lockers having parties everywhere. Now they can only get in my locker through the spaces my front doors leave. I had goodly bit of mice poop before I did it and since then, not a single one. :D

Anyway, that's all my goodies. I have NO IDEA how most of you fit all your daily stuff into a regular trunk. I like to be organized as you can see, but not that compartmentalized. I'm very glad and realize now, very lucky to have a giant personal locker - that I totally designed and installed all the fixtures myself.


  1. That is a SWEET set up. Lucky you. I wish I had a locker I put my saddle in then the pesky barn cats would leave it alone!

  2. Wow, so much tack!! And so well organized!

  3. I love the locker!! Looks like you have a good amount of room and are SO organized! :)