Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Trails

It's been a LONG time since we've been trail riding - not counting the 'trail' around the woods of the seven acres at the back of my barn's property. We're talking legit horse trails around the local state park/lake.

There was no stopping for photo ops, so you get blurry.
My riding buddy, Amy, has an eventer friend who picked us up in her three horse trailer this weekend. We drove the 10 miles or so to the site and off we went. It was great! Other then the crick in my upper back that didn't want to work itself out and my right knee was feeling some ouch by then end of the 40min or so ride, it was super fun. The nice part was that there wasn't grass on the sides of the trail but rather just underbrush so Sam didn't try to eat the whole time. :D

He was very forward and we got to trot up some serious elevation in a few places. I don't think he hates being last, but when we get going I can tell he'd rather pass. But he did a great job of listening even if I had to use a lot of poundage to make my point.

There was talk of a weekly date, but I'm not sure if my body can do this every week - haha. And there was some major dragon snorting from Sam as we were going up the hills, haha. Maybe a switch to my dressage saddle will help with my knee - or lengthen my stirrups more then I did on my jump saddle. And get a massage!

Posing after our adventure


  1. Trail riding is the best! So far, my girl is too high-strung for a lot of "out and about" adventures, but someday soon! :D And what a cool looking trail, where is it at? :)

  2. Looks awesome :) my favourite thing to do with Rio is going out with friends in the trailer, he really enjoys it!