Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gummi Ponies

14.2 Studios by Custom Stall Signs on Etsy (also on FB & Instagram)
Named Gummi Ponies, but actually hand cast made of hard plastic resin, these $15-$23 ponies sell in under 5 mins every time the artist posts them on her Etsy page, no matter if she posts 10 or 60 of them. The far right was a gift from the artist, but the rest I was lucky to score in a few of her flash sales. This odd lighting pic doesn't do justice to the detail - like the amazing running braids some of these guys have.


  1. I've seen her flash sales but never even seen one for sale. Very neat!

  2. At first i thought they were candy, but obvi they aren't lol.. aye the mind of a prego lady!!!

  3. I am envious! I can never seem to snag any of them in her flash sales. By the time I see them on my facebook feed they have all been spoken for.