Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Saddle Love

Well, it's been over a month that I've had my new saddle, which is a Loxley Jump LX by Bliss.

I finally got some less then awesome, but good enough for now photos of me actually sitting in the saddle :) All the mirrors were dirty and this one was the cleanest. I promise that's horse smudge on the mirror, not weird dirt marks on my butt cheek.

Knee roll looks fab. No chair seat. And while it looks small in the butt, it's actually feels the perfect size.

Sexy clip job. Left the legs and head.
I actually have to hold myself in this saddle (or work really hard while moving).
I'm hoping it's diff muscles I'm not used to using - because visually I think it looks right-on. 

Just another 2-point in a slightly lower, 'get down in my tack' position. Again, had to balance on his neck. It was easier to 2-point in my last saddle, which is supposed to always be easy, again, I think this saddle puts my leg further under me, so I have to learn how to rebalance. I hope.
And the Sam-ster after a ride. Note that we're only using a saddle pad now, no 1/2 pads, etc. :)