Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Favorite Groom Thing - Photo Challenge Day 3

Favorite grooming thing

This is the brush I use most often. I love the grip and size. I have the set of three.


  1. Oh you enabler!! Now I need one! :)

    1. Good luck finding them. I got them like 4 years ago on Amazon and they may be kicking around still. They are fab. Wash easily and fit my fairly small hands (SSG size 7). Other brushes are so long, they overpower my hand. Plus the handle has that grippy stuff you want on a cell phone holder so your iPhone isn't sliding out of your hand all the time, but not too grippy. The white one is the stiffest, the yellow the softest, and blue in-between.

    2. Oh yeah, ergonomically comfy too. I don't like the edges of most brushes.