Friday, January 24, 2014


Having a dark horse (pretty much black), one gets to have fun with bright colors. Something I didn't get to do with my previous very neutral colored mottled Appy. 

So I have halter for every season for Sam and then some - with matching leads of course. All are Weaver brand nylon, all with a breakaway feature (some I added myself). 

Burnt Rust



Lime Green



Royal Blue

And then it was hard to impossible to find Weaver halters with throat snap and silver/nickel/graphite hardware. They just stopped making them and/or the matching leads. Sometimes they would have the halter but only a matching lead with brass hardware instead. I don't do brass hardware. Ever. 

DoNotLikeBrass. MustHaveNylonLead. LeadMustMatch. StillNoBrass.

And over time, because the halters and leads are hung outside the paddocks in all weather, they fade. Especially the leads. And then they don't match. And it kinda ruins the fun and effect.

He has of course, all along, had a black with stainless, leather show halter by Quillin which has a rolled throat latch and classy black stitching and his show name (aka his registered name).

So I decided I had my fun with the rainbow of colors and it was time to go classical. 

Behold, Quillin's Turnout halter in special order black with stainless hardware with add-on double crown buckles, throat snap and english chin. All the add-on goodies pretty much negate getting the cheaper 'turnout' style, but it's a lighter version of his show halter, not so thick/heavy. 

Used with coordinating black nylon rope lead with stainless snap (by Weaver)

Now he's all stealth in black. Especially in shadows - my stupid phone's camera was quitting while he was in full sun, but he kept moving forward, eventually into the shadows by the time I got my camera to work ... grrr.

New halter, new clip.


  1. :) Another fan of the English chin--very classy choice.

  2. Quillins makes the best stuff from what I have seen/heard. Love the classy look!

  3. I envy those with dark colored horses because pretty much any color looks good on them! I am a fan of burnt orange, but I think it would look pretty pad on my chestnut horse.

  4. Love that pic of him in yellow sticking his tongue out! Your horse is gorgeous. I lease a Bashkir Curly/Quarter Horse cross and I happen to love Appaloosas so he is basically my dream horse. ;-)