Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lost and found = solid

Had my riding buddy take video of me yesterday. My most amazing round was before we started taping, of course. But then Sam decided to hop a change down the quarter line so we worked on why that was (neck bend) so my last round I came around the corner doing nothing with my reins, ignoring the neck and only using my legs for the turn. Worked perfectly regarding the change, but I was so light, I totally dropped my right rein, haha.

This is the video of my picking up my rein all the way to the jump. So those aren't just chicken arms you see. I figured if I made it in time, I would jump and if I didn't we could veer off. We just barely did, jumped with very looped reins, and totally fine. Just makes me smile at my progress.

Lots of wind noise, so check your volume ;)