Friday, March 21, 2014

What's in your SmartPak Blog Hop

Because I bought my horse with known changes in his lower pasterns, I immediately started him on joint supplements. He hadn't had issues before I bought him and he hasn't the almost three years I've had him. But I figure a well of prevention is another day of riding.

So, here's what he gets in his SmartPaks:

I originally had him on Smart versions of joint/coat/vitamins but after a year found out he'd just been spitting them out to eat only the rice bran pellets they were dumped with. >:(

So I specifically found non-Smart versions, and though it cost a bit more, at least it's literally not becoming mouse food.

He also gets 2 cups of rice bran pellets twice a day that is provided by my barn for free (yay!). 

I have no idea if the supplements are being super helpful or not. The Smart Dark and Handsome I had him on the first year seemed to work really well - it was not a pellet, so I think harder to spit out, haha. But honestly, I'm deathly afraid of taking him off the joint for sure and I just don't see why he shouldn't have coat and vitamin supps as a general rule. I like me a pretty pony!