Monday, March 24, 2014

2013 Swag

For two years I've shown in a little local series. The first year I won several championships and was high point champion for 2012. Last year I didn't get to all the shows in the series but enjoyed the ones I did get to. They recently had their year-end banquet which I had to miss, but was able to pick up my goodies last week.

I went to 2/5 of their shows last season. I was a reserve champion in one and champion in the other. I ended up 9th for points (Top Ten pad) and earned a champion pad and year end ribbon for my efforts. :)

Such a fun low-key show. It's on my list this year but not sure when I'll have the funds to show again. And it really makes me sad. But, I'm going to enjoy these goodies in the meantime. Already took one for a test drive on Saturday :)

Apparently Dover pads are pretty tiny. I always complain how big pads are on Sam, haha. Def not this one ;)